Welcome to valveadvice.org. The information on this website has been developed by a team of patients who have experienced severe aortic valve disease, in collaboration with caregivers, clinicians, and researchers. The overarching goal of this website is to provide patients with information about severe aortic valve disease and access to a decision-assistance tool to help them take an active role in their own healthcare and make informed treatment decisions that incorporate their preferences and outcomes of interest.

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Team Members

Susanne V. Arnold, MD Physician Collaborator Daniel Mark, MD, MPH Physician Collaborator
Suzanne J. Baron, MD Physician Collaborator Todd Maser, Colonel, USAF Patient Collaborator
J. Matthew Brennan, MD, MPH Principal Investigator

Physician Collaborator

Roland Matsouaka, PhD Statistical Investigator
Daniel Canos, PhD CMS Collaborators Margaret McAdams, MS Communications Support
John Carroll, MD Physician Collaborator Sean O'Brien, PhD Statistical Investigator
David Cohen, MD, MSc Physician Collaborator Bray Patrick-Lake, MFS Patient Collaborator
Roberta Cohn Caregiver Collaborator Michael Pencina, PhD Statistical Investigator
Dadi (David) Dai, PhD Statistical Investigator Eric Peterson, MD, MPH Physician Collaborator
Fred Edwards, MD Physician Collaborator John Rumsfield, MD, PhD Physician Collaborator
Naftali Z Frankel, MS Caregiver Collaborator Gillian Sanders-Schmidler, PhD Investigator
Felicia Graham, MBA Project Leader Brenda Schawe Patient Collaborator
Eleanor Gully Caregiver Collaborator Dave Shahian, MD Physician Collaborator
Stewart Gully Patient Collaborator Allen Stickfort Patient Collaborator
Rosemarie Hakim, PhD CMS Collaborator Susan Strong Patient Collaborator
David R. Holmes, MD Physician Collaborator Laine Thomas, PhD Statistical Investigator
James Lee Patient Collaborator Fran Fiocchi Thorpe, MPH Investigator
Fan Li, PhD Statistical Investigator Vinod Thournai, MD Physician Collaborator
Fan Li, MS Statistician E. Murat Tuzcu, MD Physician Collaborator
Michael J. Mack, MD Physician Collaborator Alice Wang, MD Physician Collaborator
Danica Marinac-Dabic, MD, PhD US FDA Collaborator  


Funding Source


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